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The instinct of innovation and doing something on own was always there, even when Richards was clueless about how to go about the ‘entrepreneurship’. Within a year of working at SCB, he knew he had to get out to start something on own.

With an unending passion, many failures, some small successes, celebrations, betrayals and zeal Richards completed a span of six years for his own venture, developing rock solid line of products under the name Doifoo.


100+ apps & still counting

Being a tech savvy kid from childhood, Richards was into learning the basics of development from class sixth. With time the keenness and passion towards development and know-hows of softwares and computer programs increased multi-fold, which landed him enrolling for Computer Science Engineering into one of the prestigious universities of South India.

It was his growing interest into technology that he published 176 apps across multiple platforms single-handedly in a span of 4 years.


200+ hours of training

Research and Development has been Richards’ forte from a long time as his childhood curiosity to know more and more about computers and it’s functioning could be satiated only by studying research works of others. With time he himself became a part of those studies.

During his graduating years at Chennai he had been a notable speaker at multiple national and international conferences.


99+ publications & Tech magazine features

Richards has been the author of various publications concentrating on the cyber security and SNS threats. Also his publications include implementing a multifaceted cloud based OCR in Apple's App Store. Not only in the field of technics and publications his fondness for writing is prominent through various guest write-ups in the tech magazine Glueping.


Open to mentoring

Richards bootstrapped his start up to establish three offices and a team to develop various products. He's also a guiding mentor, advisor and investor to two budding start ups.


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